For the installation of individual wind farms and the construction of wind farms, it is necessary to carry out wind energy audit. The alternatives are selected on the basis of energy-technical analysis of their parameters and their best according to the specific conditions of the audited place.
If you choose our company, you will save a lot of effort and cost necessary for the design, equipment supply, installation and settings for this new business.
Our services are aimed at all stages in the construction of wind farms and parks:

  • Construction of masts for determining temperature, velocity and direction of wind at a height of 10, 30, 50, 80 meters.
  • Complete preproject study and subsequent design
  • Purchase of land and change the status of land.
  • Supply and installation of equipment.
  • Control and measure instruments and settings
  • Support our clients in making investments. We offer different financing mechanisms: bank loans, lease terms for acquisition of equipment, purchase of shares of the project.
  • Warranty, maintenance and service.

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