Renewable energy sources (RES) - Energy of the Future

       Renewable energy sources (RES) - Energy of the Future
Projects related to acquisition and use of wind energy and building wind power plants are the fastest growing sector in the global energy of the background of increasing price of oil and continuously declining stocks of energy resources. Environmental benefits and reducing prices of wind turbines are incentives to increase their use worldwide. Now and in the future, the investment cost of electricity from wind is expected to be lowest in comparison with all the power of the full environmental and renewable energy. Most of the electricity produced is the product of thermal energy, but it contributes to the accumulation of large amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Our natural resources (coal, oil, gas, uranium, etc.) are extremely limited and it is necessary to import them at higher prices. The wind is clean and inexaustible, and wind energy systems do not pollute the environment and do not harm people.

The investment for wind power stations will save resources during the operation of the next several generations. In compliance with EU directives to promote the development of RES (renewable energy sources), the Bulgarian government adopted a special law to increase the application of new technologies for energy production from renewable energy sources.

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